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Tiki Tar & Danosa, formed a joint venture in India to manufacture industry leading waterproofing solutions. The Indian company with a proven track record in bitumen solutions, has signed a joint venture with its European counterpart, the Spanish leaders involved in manufacturing of waterproofing products and systems. Both the companies incorporated in the year 1964, with a brand name "TIKIDAN", manufacture waterproofing solutions in India. This joint venture will provide a superior platform to bring together Tiki Tar's Local Expertise and market presence with Danosa's global supply network, material science, research and expertise to enhance the performance of Waterproofing Solutions.

Tiki Tar Industries India Limited is the India's largest private sector Bitumen company, with operations in more than 9 locations and standing strong since 1964.

Little did a trader late K.D. Shah realize in 1964, when he decided to expand his trading business, that he was laying the foundation for one of the leading Bitumen companies in India of present age. Tiki Tar Industries India Limited is the leader in all major Bitumen markets, with leading R&D and technology, as well as sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and outstanding distribution networks.

With an industrial presence in over 9 cities spanning four directions, the Company covers all of the key Bitumen markets, from emerging to mature.

Another area of operation by the company is in the field of waterproofing. Since leakage and seepage in the buildings and cement structures became a perennial problem which could not be stopped with the conventional method of waterproofing prevalent in India, the Company introduced APP Modified bituminous waterproofing membrane with non-woven Polyester and fiber-glass reinforcement as being used in highly developed countries ensuring long lasting relief from water leakage for many years .

Through its core values of Sustainability, Quality and Leadership, Tiki Tar Industries India Limited commits to operating in a responsible way with respect to the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates .

The Company's leadership position in the bitumen industry is the result of a consistent management strategy that focuses on product diversity, geographic reach and vertical integration - both into raw material production, designed to minimize risk caused by economic cycles, and downstream distribution, providing value-added and customised Bitumen solutions through further processing to meet specific customer requirements. Our customers are the heart of our business. We collaborate closely with them to ensure that we evolve and develop our products in line with their continually changing needs.

Danosa has an experience of more than four decades of work, during which we have developed a constant activity of improvement and diversification of our activity. Thanks to it, we satisfy the needs of the Building and Civil Engineering: Waterproofing, Acoustic Insulation, Drainages and Geotextiles.

Our first activity was manufacturing waterproofing materials and now we are the market leader in Spain with nearly a 40% market share making us #6 in Europe within our industry. We offer a wide range of products and solutions for flat, slope and landscape roofs, underground walls, slabs and foundations, bridge construction, underground galleries, etc. With regards to acoustic insulation, we have substantial experience in research in order to provide our customers with the maximum acoustic comfort. We have carried out more than 5,000 projects in acoustic insulation: housing, public buildings, classrooms and audiovisual studios.

Our presence within the civil engineering industry is increasingly consolidated thanks to our manufacturing lines: drainages and geotextiles, specially designed for underground structure drainage, waterproofing protection, separation of soil layers and water filtration. Danosa is a generator of opportunities, whose products and solutions comply with the needs of construction sector and contribute to a better quality of life.

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