Thermal Insulation


Danolosa is an insulating slab consisting of porous concrete, which acts as a mechanical protection over an extruded polystyrene base, resulting in a durable and practicable insulated surface.


  • Effective thermal insulation and paving in one piece.
  • Large filtering capacity.
  • Compatible with any waterproofing system.
  • High mechanical strength which enables :
    1. Support of HVAC equipment and facilities.
    2. Protects the membrane from mechanical damage and temperature variations
  • Significantly lightens the weight of the roof compared to other types of heavy protection.
  • Provides service access to the deck:
    1. Provides a path in gravel finish roofs, self-protected (mortar, deck) green roofs...
    2. Easy access to facilities.
    3. Creation of useful space available for maintenance.
  • Modification of the uses of the deck (from non-walking to accessible):
    1. Transformation of the gravel finish roofs.
    2. Rehabilitation of self-protected roofs.

Product Commercial Name Thickness (mm) Thikness of concrete (mm) u./Pallet Size (cm) Thermal resistance PDF
DANOLOSA 75 35 68 50 x 50 1.20m2 .K/W
DANOLOSA 85 35 60 50 x 50 1.50m2 .K/W
DANOLOSA 95 35 62 50 x 50 1.80m2 .K/W


DANOPREN is Extruded Poly Styrene Rigid Thermal Insulation Board with High Dense Closed Cell Structure having Ship-lap Edges and smooth finish.

Product Commercial Name Thickness
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Resistance
(R) 0K/W
Dimensions Area per Package (m2) PDF
DANOPREN TR 30 30 0.032 0.90 125cmx60cm 10.50
DANOPREN TR 40 40 0.034 1.15 125cmx60cm 7.50
DANOPREN TR 50 50 0.034 1.45 125cmx60cm 6
DANOPREN TR 60 60 0.034 1.75 125cmx60cm 5.25
DANOPREN TR 80 80 0.037 2.15 125cmx60cm 3.75


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