DANOPREN XPS: Elevating Thermal Insulation Standards


Advantages of DANOPREN XPS:

DANOPREN's closed-cell structure is a standout feature, ensuring minimal water absorption over the long term. This design guarantees stable insulation and benefits, providing enduring performance and reliability.

Breathability is a key benefit of DANOPREN insulation boards, allowing the passage of moisture vapor and reducing the risk of interstitial condensation. This feature contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

For applications requiring high compressive resistance, DANOPREN TR boards excel, handling point loads of up to 300 kPa. DANOPREN 500 offers even higher compressive strength of 500 kPa, catering to systems with elevated load-bearing requirements.

Installation is a breeze with DANOPREN, as the boards are light, easy to cut, and don't demand specialized tools. The interlocking sides minimize thermal bridging, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency.

Environmental responsibility is at DANOPREN's core, evident in its 100% recyclable nature and composition containing an impressive 48.7% recycled material. After its useful life, DANOPREN XPS contributes to a more sustainable and circular economy through recycling.

DANOPREN holds international recognition and certification from esteemed bodies like AENOR and ACERMI. Its environmental credentials are independently verified, accompanied by a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Whether you're undertaking a new roof, wall, or basement project, or seeking to upgrade existing insulation, DANOPREN proves to be a smart and responsible choice. Embrace DANOPREN thermal insulation for enhanced energy efficiency, lasting performance, and environmental benefits that endure for years to come.

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DANOPREN XPS: Elevating Thermal Insulation Standards

DANOPREN's closed-cell structure is a standout feature, ensuring minimal water absorption over the long term.

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