Auxiliary Products to Waterproofing

Auxiliary Products to Waterproofing

TIKIDAN’S Polymer Modifier for use with cementitious compositions as waterproofing slurry coating, water resistantbonding agent, protective coating and repair mortar.

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TIKISWELL Hydrophilic Swellable Water Bar based on Swellable Acrylic and Thermoplastic Elastomer for Sealing Non-Moving Joints in New In-Situ Concrete
TIKISWELL BT Bentonite based Swell-able Water-bar for Sealing Non-Moving Joints in New In-Situ Concrete.
TIKIPLAN PTA PVC Hydro Injection Flange for use in Conjunction with TIKIPLAN SL PVC Signal Layer Membrane for Controlling Water Tightness of Completed Waterproofing Work
TIKIPLAN RDL PVC Roundel for Anchoring TIKIPLAN SL Signal Layer PVC Membrane and Separating DANOFELT Geo-Textiles on Retaining Walls, Blindside Walls and Tunnel Arch during Waterproofing of Underground Structures with TIKIPLAN SL range of Signal Layer PVC Membranes.
TIKIPLAN RIH Flexible PVC Re‐Injectable Hose with Integral Valves for Sealing Construction Joints in Watertight Structures Eliminating the Possibilities of Future Leakage through Concrete Joints.
TIKIPLAN WS It is centrally and externally placed PVC Waterstop extruded from high‐grade PVC compoundavailable in wide range of profiles and sizes.
TIKIFIX EP Expansion Joint Tape Adhesive
TIKIFIX NF High Tack Adhesive Sealant
TIKIPLAN CWS PVC Waterstop for Waterproofing designed for sealing Compartment System


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We provide waterproofing solutions for flat or sloped roofs, podiums, car parks, bridges, tunnels & much more.

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