Acoustic Insulation


DANOSA ACOUSTIC MEMBRANE M.A.D. is a high density bitumen modified membrane specifically designed to behave as an antiresonant material. It is an efficient substitute for lead sheets.

Product Commercial name Thickness Roll size sqm/Pallet Weight Acoustic improvement PDF
M.A.D. 2 2 12 x 1 m 360 3.35 kg/m2 > 3 dB
M.A.D. 4 4 mm 6 x 1 m 180 6.5 kg/m2 > 6 dB
M.A.D. 4 AUTOADH. 4 mm 6 x 1 m 180 6.5 kg/m2 > 6 dB
M.A.D. ERF 4 mm 5 x 1 m 150 6.5 kg/m2


FONODAN is a two layer material made of a self-adhesive high density bitumen based membrane and a thermally bonded cross linked polyethylene.

Product Commercial name Thickness Roll size Presentation Insertion loss PDF
FONODAN BJ 3.9mm 0.42 x 10 m 32 12 dBA


IMPACTODAN is a cross linked closed cell polyethylene sheet. Its internal structure provides elasticity, so it is used under concrete in order to reduce the impact noise.

Product Thickness Roll size Roll diameter Resistance to compression Thermal conductibility Dynamic stiffness Impact sound improvement PDF
5 mm 1 x 15 m 0.20 m > 20 kPa 0.040 W/mK < 90 (MN/m3) > 21 dB
5 mm 2 x 50 m 0.60 m > 20 kPa 0.040 W/mK < 90 (MN/m3) > 21 dB
10 mm 2 x 50 m 0.60 m > 20 kPa 0.040 W/mK < 65 (MN/m3) > 19 dB


ACUSTIDAN is a composite made of a high density bitumen based membrane and a thick geotextile layer.

Product Commercial Name Thickness (mm) Size (m) M2/pallet Acoustic Insulation PDF
ACUSTIDAN 16/2 18 Roll 6x1 72 36
ACUSTIDAN 16/4 20 Roll 6x1 72 39


CONFORDAN is Resilient Flat Sheet based on Chemically Cross-Linked Closed Cell Polyethylene Membrane finished top with Aluminised LDPE Film. Acoustically it works as Sound Insulating Layer under Laminated Floors.

Product Commercial Name Roll size Diameter of Rolls Reduction in Transmitted Impact Noise PDF
CONFORDAN 25mx0.95m
0.20m 18dB


FONODAN 50 is a Multi-Layer Self-Adhesive Tape made of a Chemically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Thermally Bonded to High Density Elastomeric Membrane. Acoustically it works as Acoustic Buffer for the rigid connection between Plasterboard and steel profile minimizing resonance.

Product Commercial Name Thickness Rolls Size Rolls/Pallet Acoustic Improvement PDF
FONODAN 50 3.9mm 0.046mx10m 36 >3 dBA


DANOFON is a multi-layer composite panel made of a High Density Elastomeric Membrane sandwiched between Phenolic Resin Bonded Thick Porous Textile Layer. Acoustically it works as a Low, Medium and High Frequency Sound Insulation.

Product Commercial Name Thickness Rolls Size Sq. Mtr./Pallet Weight Air Borne Sound Insulation Rw PDF
DANOFON 28mm 6mx1m 54 7.5kg/m2 >63 dBA


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